The Mosborough Tragedy – As reported in The Nottingham Evening Post, Monday, February 26, 1900


Derbyshire Assizes


The Lord Chief Justice (Lord Russell of Killowen) resumed to-day his trial of prisoners at Derbyshire Assizes.


The Mosborough Tragedy


Christopher Taylor, 43, collier, was brought up on an indictment charging him with the wilful murder of Emily Bird, at Eckington near Mosborough on December 2nd.


Mr. Bonner and Mr. Magee prosecute, and Mr. W. Appleton was briefed for the defence.


Said the prisoner was a collier, as was the husband of Mrs, Bird, and they lived about 40 yards from each other.


Previous to the day of this occurrence there did not appear to have been any quarrel between the parties, but on the morning named prisoner was seen near Bird’s house with a gun, and some words were heard to pass between Bird and the prisoner.


Nothing more was heard until the evening, when prisoner came to the front of bird’s house, and began to use abusive language, and challenged Bird to come out and fight.


Mrs. Bird was, at that time, standing near the door.


A shot was heard, and Mrs. Bird was seen to fall.


When picked up it was found that she was dead, having been shot in the skull.


The charge of murder was withdrawn, and the prisoner pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and was sentenced to five years penal servitude.