The Story of how Mosborough History (Meeting) Group started

The group first started out on the Facebook in February 2015 and a facebook page was set up by Philip Staton’s niece and also with his sister Linda Staton.  The idea came to Philip whilst looking at a map of Sheffield on a skill-share stall, which enabled the public to choose a location for their skill-sharing, Philip was drawn to Mosborough and asked where Mosborough was on the map, to discover it was located, tucked underneath the table. The guy said there wasn’t enough room on the table and asked is Mosborough in Sheffield. “That summed it up for Philip”

He replied since 1967 and decided to do something about it, and 2 days later the Facebook page was set up.

The group started slowly at first and grew by publicising especially in the Doorsteppa, by word of mouth but mostly through friends.  On reached 400 + members we decided that the older generation were excluded through lack of IT skills or computer savvy or interested in them. Hence a Mosborough History Meeting Group was needed to bridge the gap. A meeting was arranged with Ignite Imaginations and they sponsored the group’s with a display banner and public liability insurance.

The group started in January 2016 meeting monthly every first Wednesday of each month at St Mark’s Church High Street Mosborough Sheffield S20.

Philip then asked the Voluntary Action Sheffield for some advice and help to get the Mosborough History Meeting Group grow.