On Tuesday as a miner, named George Bird, 59/61 years of age, residing at 14 Duke Street, Mosbro’ was following his employment at the Holbrook Colliery, belonging to Messrs J and G Wells Ltd, a fall of rock took place, killing him on the spot.


The unfortunate man was a member of the Midland District Miners’ Fatal Accident Relief Society.




Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald – Saturday 24 October 1896



Yesterday Mr. C. G. Busby held an inquiry at the Duke William Inn, Mosbro’, touching the death of George Bird, Coal Miner, aged 61 years, of Duke street Court, Mosbro’. who was killed by a fall of rock at Messrs. J. and G. Wells, Holbrook Colliery on the 20th inst. Mr. Hewitt, her Majesty’s inspector of mines, was present, as also Mr. W. E. Wells, managing director of Messrs  J. and G. Wells, and Mr. F. Hardwick, manager of the colliery.


George Knight, who worked at the same stall as the deceased, stated that he examined the workings carefully before commencing work that morning, and found everything apparently safe.


Whilst removing the props supporting the roof prior to commencing the work of packing, the deceased stood near the face of the coal, when, without the slightest warding, a large piece of rock or stone slipped in a slanting direction, striking Bird to the floor, and covering him entirely except the head. He was extricated, but life was extinct.


The jury were unanimously of opinion that the deceased met his death accidentally, no blame being attached to the men or the company.

BNA copywrite – Sheffield Independent – Friday 23 October 1896