The Rev J H Blackwell who produced the Mock wedding is seen on the extreme right of our picture.  The entire cast was male and 165 people sat down for the reception.

Male members of Mosbro’ Queen Street Methodist Church held a special week-end, when their efforts were to raise funds for restoration work on the Church and Schoolroom.  A sum of over £35 has been realised and so successful were their efforts that a repeat performance is likely in the near future.

An uproarious farce in an all-male cast of 14 men and two pages present “Mock Wedding breakfast” the script being written, and the play produced by the Rev J H Blackwell who as a few weeks ago achieved remarkable success in staging “Torch of Jubilee” at the Trinity Church.  For effect presents were shown, telegrams read and 165 sat down to breakfast, a tea given by members and friends of the church.  A two-tier wedding cake made and given by Mesdames T Waller, K Waller and M. Waller was sold in 3rdportions by the bridesmaids and realised £1.7s.6d.  The presents were auctioned by Messrs F Pressley, and C Wilkins to add a further sum of £5.6.9d.

The Bride and Groom were played by Messrs. W Booth and W Foster respectively, the best man Mr F Pressley.  The bride’s parents Messrs C Munday and M Waller the bridegroom’s parents Messrs K Ricks and K Waller the minster Mr H Woodhead, bridesmaids F Rotherham D Pressley W Bright, E Clarke, pages Kitson Burgin and Maurice Adams bride’s aunt Mr L Snowden and bridegroom’s uncle Mr A Drabble.  Special wedding invite were printed for the occasion.

A concert followed in the evening with recitations by Kitson Burgin, monologues F Pressley, comedy act A Drabble, song W Carnall, trio Messrs E Clarke, W Booth and L Snowden, songs Maurice Adams and a sketch the parts being played by C Munday.  M Waller, D Pressley was compere for the evening and the Rev J H Blackwell for the “Mock Wedding breakfast”.

On Sunday morning and evening M W Lomas Sheffield was the preacher, and the   Midhurst singers gave a programme in the afternoon and evening with Mr A Hinde, Sheffield as organist T Butler, Eckington presided in the afternoon.



Credit to Malcolm Lee for the information/photographs of the Mock Wedding taken place at the Methodist Church, Queen Street Mosbro on Saturday 7th January 1950 at 5 pm.

Rev J H Blackwell produced a script of the Mock Wedding, it was a cast of all males and 165 people sat down to a breakfast reception.


An invitation was produced at a cost of 2/- Mr and Mrs Percy Sempty was the parents of Rosie Dawn and Mr Noel Pennywear was the groom.


The Characters consisted of :

Bride –                       Rosie Dawn.                         Mr Booth

Groom –                     Mr Noel Pennywear            Mr W Foster

Best Man –                 Mr Ian Court Yett                  Mr F Pressley

Brides Parents –        Mr Turner Pennywear         Mr C Munday

Mrs Turner Pennywear       Mr M Waller

Minister Rev –             Norwood I Aver                    Mr H Woodhead

Bridesmaids –            Miss Lotta Hope                   Mr F Rotherham

Miss Megan Try        –           Mr D Pressley

Miss Ida Chance      –           Mr W Bright

Miss Olive Waiting   –           Mr E Clarke

Bride’s Aunt                                                              Mr L Snowden

Groom’s Uncle                                 –                       Mr A Drabble

Pages                         Miss Wendy Wee Start        Kitson Burgin

Master Mike Up Sempty     Maurice Adams

Wedding presents gratefully received by Bride’s Parents at the Reception.  All to be sold during the Concert in the evening.