The Plane in Woolley’s Farm Field by Tom Staton



The Plane in Woolley’s Farm Field

One day I was in the farmyard when a small plane very low came over, I expected it too crash, but it managed to get over the bridle path. I ran to what we called THE JUNGLE which consisted of 5 trees. I could see the plane in one of Woolley’s fields near the farm. I ran over two field to take a look, two pilots were stood outside and I asked if I could take a look inside the plane, they got a small set of steps out about 4ft I recall. Inside I could see 3 rows of clocks and dials 6 to 8 on each row.

I asked several people in the village, my age and older, but nobody saw it. I was beginning to think I’d dreamt it, then only 2 years ago – I went to see Fred Rotherham as a last resort and he said that he saw it too, it was the first plane he had seen on the ground, I asked him how they moved it, but he did not know and we never found out.

Wonder if any one else knows that’s living today.